Bridget Billingsley

Wax Artist

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I am Bridget Billingsley and I have my own private room in Salon AjAVi located in Bellevue. I have been a licensed Esthetician for about 5 years now and love what I do.  I specialize in the Brazilian Wax and Eyebrows in Nashville.  I am a Full Body Wax Artist in Nashville from head to toe for Men and Women.  You want it gone, I can wax it for you. 

I understand that Brows are not a “one arch fits all” and are also “sisters” and not “twins”. It may not be the 5 minute Brow wax, but I appreciate how a Brow can make or break you. If you want quality Brow shaping, I am your Wax Artist. I love making Brows come to life and beautiful. Some waxing services are intimidating and uncomfortable and I understand that.  I am professional and a perfectionist.  I want the level of service performed to be as if I was the client. I want you to go home loving the new you.

Once you come see me for our first visit, you will keep coming back.  What more could you want?  Professional, Perfectionist, and Quick with a sense of humor.