Virginia Ricketts

Nail Specialist


Hi y’all…I’m VIRGINIA RICKETTS and I came to Bellevue in T N over 19 years ago from Southern California to join with my family and open a salon. I began my career 27 years ago as a Nail Tech in the salon industry specializing in Fiberglass Artificial Nails, Manicures, Spa Pedicures, and Shellac Soak Off Gel Color. My mission is to beautify and pamper the wonderful people who visit our salon! I specialize in the care, health, and maintenance of our, all too forgotten, hands and feet. I have created a small, intimate establishment for your pleasure. Come join us in our Hill-Top Retreat overlooking the hills of Bellevue.

Now, let me tell you about Fiberglass Artificial Nails…think of it as surfboards on your fingers. Layers of fiberglass and resin joined together to create a beautiful set of artificial nails. They are hard like acrylic but no odor, no drilling, and less abrasive to your natural nails. They do require a two week fill to keep them looking beautiful.


Easter nails2


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